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to restore the solvensy of social security in 1983 up to the balanced budgets of the clinton administration. president obama has put the right american in charge. we welcome you before our committee today. i wanted to focus in two areas in this round. first of all, in the housing sector where our secondary market is in a bit of a jam at this point. we know that wall street's terrible mortgage securitization record created the largest transfer of capital from main street to wall street in our history. african-americans lost all their accumulated equity since world war ii. hispanic americans similarly, working class people across this country. i represent communities terribly impacted by the securitization meltdown. my question is, what is treasury doing to perhaps working with the justice department to recoup some of those assets for these hard-working americans in communities that have been so devastated? and have you considered, in addition to bringing back -- by the way, those banks are doing very well, the major ones that were a part of this. everybody seems to be fine up there. but have
congress. >> if i was hillary clinton i would think that's the most attractive statistic that was available in this poll. the american electorate says they agree with democrats on a lot of issues but want a regulator, want a check on president obama in the form of an all republican congress. what that means and i know joe has talked about this before, what it means is that when hillary clinton starts her campaign in a fuller sense, she will be able to run as somebody who will do it better than obama did, that he had good intentions but she can deliver and this describes an electorate that's ready for a president not be obama but not necessarily a republican. >> joe, is this a message when the boyfriend says to you, i love blonde women, i just don't love you. like is it like we love the democrats, but just not you. >> well, there's a couple of things. one is that, look americans have loved divided government for quite some time now. and that's been happening for quite a while. looks like they love it even more. on the other hand there's a frustration with both parties and frankly there is on
. off. the john kerry and hillary clinton is like that one in that building. it's only a wake up and you don't wanna tell them that who has moved on tonight five percent of the less american. they have like move on they got over it enough that they're not as keen to act as they once worked as a habit i call the cnn turk. which is now the new ion. well this information for people living behind the cnn turk the route to it slowly losing their touch with reality and out of america to cover the years. post a photo of the attention. you can't afford. well it did the last repeat the same old job. of course you know. ex girlfriend. stupid tear jerking poetry the job ignore it. we post on what we know this. or tea. you speak the new. baucus is rt international in iraq seat bomb blasts and technology a mosque in north east of baghdad has killed at least seventeen people. it was off to a wave of explosions on monday targeted police stations and fifty date the comment comes as of the country contains events in its first general election says suite eleven pullout of us ships. israel won in all it wa
, is the lone superpower that bill clinton talked about that america could no longer afford to be, becoming weaker, everybody else is becoming emboldened. i see people flexing their muscles buzz of our weakness and lack of resolve that we have. where do you think this will lead? where do you think russia will end up? will they go into other areas? where there's a large russian-speaking population. do either of you see that? >> we see that there's a risk and the russians have influence in those areas but it is our policy to exact a coast -- a cost from the russians for their behavior that's in violation of international norms. >> and do you feel the sanction this is a we are talking about, that we've done, do you think they'll have any impact on russian's agrecian? purpose of sanctions is to try to influence russian behavior, it's meant to bring it back within international norms. >> how is that working so far? s. friedt? >> i couldn't -- >> if i may, sir. this could be a long process, sir. >> but again, do we have compliance with other nations? are they putting strong sanctions in place too
in an investigation or where it was abused? mywell, going way back to days as a cartel prosecutor in the clinton administration, records, data on phones, and in those days, it was not so much cell phones, but their work some cell phones, it was crucial in the investigations that brought down the cartels, and in the cases before the supreme boards, the data was crucial, as well. in one case, there were gang videos. it was a gang retribution murder case, and in another case, there was data that identify the home of the person who was arrested, police to go the there and search the home and find lots of guns and drugs and other things, and in both of these cases, the data was crucial, but the question was, was it time sensitive? did they needed at that moment, or could they have gone to a judge and secured a warrant? they'd in both cases had probable cause. i tell my friends to be conservative on these things. if you can get a warrant, get a war and, because you do not want to put the fate of all police actions on the court, and they could make bad law. >> ok, we are watching matt. brian cunningham
to protect obama and hillary clinton. the lawyer said there's one last thing and this is their one last thing and i think it's professionally repugnant, you cannot behind a suggestion that well maybe a reporter didn't ask that specific question. these emails were redacted, sent to the committee and the only reason that we know about them daw is because judicial watch actually sued the administration and got the actual document. >> yeah. you are exactly right. charles, do you think this is a game changer or is some saying this is overblown, it doesn't conflict what the white house has told us thus far and it's meaningless? >> it's wrong in all of those counts. it is in conflict with what we've been told, with what jay carney has been saying and that is their story has always been this all stuff came from the cia, from intelligence, so it was completely clean. now we know from morell who testified under oath, he at the time was the deputy director of the cia that he never brought up the video so it didn't come from him that leaves onlile white house and the state department. we now have the smo
by when jim brown and jabbar and curtis mcclinton and others formed the black economic yup i don't know and did all kinds of things in terms of social activism, but stha all stood up. and that sent chills through me because it means they understand they have a responsibility, they're going to assume it. it's been a good news day so far. >> now, it was. now, you know tonight, the chair of the congressional black caucus is leading with the head of the urban league myself and others. and i've already talked to commissioner silver about meeting. what would you like to see put in place because for this man to have done this for 30 years and it took an audio tape and all of our unity to get him out. how do we make sure this doesn't happen again? >> well, let me first of all say, you know, the snake that caught a ride across a raging river with an eagle and the promised the he would bite the eagle and on the other side, he bit him. and the eagle said you said you wouldn't bite me. yeah, but you knew i was a snake. there are people, including probably in the nba that probably practice not as op
.n. and deputy security adviser during the clinton administration. and in studio with us molly m mcqueue, a foreign policy consulting firm. nancy soderberg, let me ask you, as you look back at the five years of the barack obama foreign policy, how is he doing? >> i think he's doing very well. he has been dealt a tough card. in addition to the healthcare law. he did get osama bin laden, keeping us safe from weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorism will be one of his lasting legacies, and he has done a lot to work with our friends and allies in europe and asia and latin america to solidify and lead america into the 21st century and bring the rest of the world with us. he has got a tough hand too deal with russia, that's going in the wrong direction, and that's not his fault. syria is still a tragic nightmare which i think he needs to have a reassessment on israel-palestine. but this is a man who knows how to use the superpower and set the superpower ship on the right course and in history that will be shown although right now it's a little messy. >> molly mccoul
they make insulting hurtful comments about israel. we see this going back to the clinton era. there always seems to be some kind of controversy. diplomats are supposed to choose their words very carefully. he was giving speeches on climate change and using the word diplomacy. i want -- do every single thing except but meddle in foreign affairs because you are not good at it? so i would rather have them doing more harm than good, do nothing. >> you want to defend? >> i'm not going to defend the statements because those were numb skull statements. frankly i've been critical on this president on israel and i have in the past. i will say this, kerry's second point was well-taken. if there is not a two state solution, if things continue the way they are, israel will no longer be a jewish state because demographics are not on their side. >> should he be saying that? >> should he be saying apartheid? absolutely not. >> should he be acknowledging -- >> of course he should. >> i'm sorry, no, let me say this. >> if you look at the demographi demographics, the demographics of the administration actua
.w. bush, george w. bush, supported the mission of the ex-im bank, as did bill clinton. all these presidents were staunch supporters of capitalism and the ex-im bank. listen to what president reagan said when he signed re-authorization, a bill that was re-authorized almost unanimously in 1986. quote, this sends an important signal to both our exporting community and foreign suppliers, that american exporters will continue to be able to compete vigorously for business throughout the world. perhaps an even more conservative voice, former vice president cheney said, in 1997, some of my fellow conservatives on the hill may have a philosophical problem about the fact that the bank -- with the -- problem with the fact that the bank is a government agency. but if they consider the success of its lending programs, it would be difficult for them to object on budgetary grounds. for every $1 put into the ex-im, there's been a $20 return to the u.s. economy. and further, again, same speech, vice president cheney, ex-im bank is remarkably effective at helping create jobs, opportunities f
. in the meantime, cruz, clinton, paul. wall street republicans want one of them in 2016. i think you might be surprised which one. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare ♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. >>> hillary is a hit with republicans? according to one report wall street grande old partyers would prefer hillary rodham clinton over rand ball or ted cruz. what is this about? >> i think wall street is a much more moderate place than main street america in terms of democrats and republicans so a lot of republicans on wall street might like hillary because of the clinton years but the democratic party has taken a sharp left turn, and she worked for president obama, and one thing wall treat people are united on these policies on this administration as they affected banks, dodd-frank, constant attacks on the big banks like jp mortgage again chase is a work of a regime they're against. yes, lloyd blank has always liked hillary, lar
, may have been the difference in the obama campaign meeting hillary clinton. >> i think when she met barack obama and met him because she didn't d an interview with barack obama, she walked out of that interview saying wow, so when he announced that he was going to run for president of the united states, she wanted to do anything she could to help him. she had never done that with anybody before. i think that that made a difference. but i also think barack obama inspired things in people that people hadn't seen in years. >> >> reporter: with the tv show coming to an end and "o" magazine going strong, winfrey set off on a new challenge, creating own, the oprah winfrey network. it got off to a rocky start. >> went through a period thinking, boy, i was number one for 25 years, and now that doesn't matter. there was all of this, you know, we call them haters who were almost celebrating that it was so difficult for her. that was jarring, but that didn't deter it. it just made her think i've got to work harder and she went in and took a close look at well, this doesn't work. she has a frie
. this is an opportunity that the nba hilary clintons and it took full advantage of it, think it's a wonderful day for sports in america. >> let's talk about adam silver. this is really a huge day for him. the first real test on the job he has been in, as you said, about three months now, and making the point that we've got to fundamentally change the way that we think and the way that we act. i thought he handled it very well. he was to the point and compassionate. i know you know him very well personally. is it your sense that commissioners in the past would have made the same decision as him, or what does it tell you about him? >> his predecessor david stern, who he worked for for quite some time, there was criticism towards him that sometimes he might have put a halo over donald sterling because let's not forget, we know and we heard about donald sterling has been in the news before for racial discrimination, about elgin baylor who was his general manager, about not allowing blacks and hispanics and jews to rent out because he is a real estate mogul in l.a. i'm not sure how to answer that ques
clinton said a decision would come before the end of 2011. in march, 2013, president clinton told all of the senate republicans in our caucus where he was invited to come and visit with us about anything he wanted to talk about, one of the questions that came up, that a decision would be made on this pipeline would be made before the end of 2013. that was 13 months ago. and yet, no decision. so as has been stated by my colleagues on good friday afternoon of this year, the state department announced an indefinite delay in the comment period on the pipeline project. so it appears unlikely that president obama will make a decision any time in the near future, if ever. this indefinite delay is mind-boggling, considering all the advantages of this pipeline. granting the permit for the pipeline will create thousands of jobs directly and indirectly. it will provide more than 800,000 barrels of canadian oil daily from a friendly economic partner. rejection of the pipeline permit will not affect canada's decision to develop these oil resources, because, you know, they are smarter than we are.
to present clinton's inner circle the european union also banned fifteen more russian officials from entering the twenty eight nation bloc and prose or assets as well these are people who are responsible for actions against a victorian integrity independence. in so many teeth of ukraine. thompson has just been adopted to the sedation still not one decent east of people tied to its essence present rather than we have been told to twenty eight games. russia's deputy foreign minister sergei run it on call this latest round of sanctions a meaningless shameful and disgusting. he said moscow would take retaliatory mantras which were called to be painfully felt in washington. and shifting our focus to the middle east the international community has contained an egyptian court for sentencing hundreds of alleged members of the muslim brotherhood to death in a mass ruling yesterday. the latest court order has drawn widespread criticism from the nine nations united states and the european union. he cited as a major violation of human rights in a grave injustice to those accused international human right
president clinton. defence officials in killing and war that they may take measures more threatening than a nuclear test. members of north korea's national defense commission issued a statement condemning obama in proctor discussing nuclear issues based abb will abandon their nuclear arsenal. just because the us tells them to be saving me to maintain and upgrade their nuclear weapons until it stops its nuclear threats. analysts said johns hopkins university of the un said last week that satellite images show an increase in activity around a nuclear test site they see workers appear to be moving vehicles the materials unit and consists of two tests tunnels people in south korea has strongly criticized the government over how it handled the sale will ferry disaster doubt present. cox says she's sorry. wouldn't you. i stood up and i would if he needed to feed and tack you can afford and fifty cents in the series. i wonder whether this policy will be able to come for two days or hide anything. it is because it breaks my heart. trucks and problems that my love for many years led to the disaste
of state john kerry doing a remarkable job of making hillary clinton's years at state look better and better. >> that's exactly right. how irresponsible. a world leader, you can't -- john kerry can't come out and say, you know, if i look back, i would have chosen a different word. no. it's your job to think about what you were saying before it came out of your mouth. think about the implications for our ally, israel. think about the implications for the international community. >> you think he should step down? >> i think he should step down for a number of reasons and i think this is one of them. i think it's a totally irresponsible remark for him to be making. i think ted cruz has a point. >> maybe it was just a misimpression of his words, as he says. >> i think he came out to try to explain himself and a pole goiz and address the issue so i like that he faced it head on. he's a person of significant experience of serving the country and politics. i know him personally. very nice man and i think that he loves his country. i may differ on view points with him but i think right no
with president clinton -- putin? if we are going to be effective, we need to take as much as we can out of the public arena and deal privately with these issues. when it has become a contest between our presidents, who can do what to the other, it becomes, i think, very emotional , and tends to push things in the wrong direction. so i would hope, having done some of the sanctions that we promised, when we promised them, we have to do them. try, to the maximum, to go private. in particular, i think where we can be most helpful is convincing the authorities in kiev to come to any reasonable terms that the russians are asking. publicly at least they are asking for a federal constitution. they are asking for equal treatment of the russian and ukrainian languages and asking for a pledge of neutrality. i think all of those three demands on the surface are reasonable. quietly to me working with the ukrainians in kiev and the europeans is going to be more helpful than the sanctions. ambassador, what could the obama administration do differently than previous administrations had done in the past
obama, hillary clinton. politics in your future. he said he is not looking to get into politics. yes he what -- guess what he thinks is our future from a political standpoint. politics.s they are educating our children. you come out the womb and you know how to use that. that is crazy. when was the last time an infant just one-year-old could operate a tool that sophisticated that adults use and do business with. apple is an amazing company. i think tomorrow politics will change. >> it is interesting. when he answered apple, i thought our you kidding me, but it is -- i thought are you kidding me, but it is about -- you absorb it and thought about what it meant. now the amount of information we have, that you can create and put out there. he talked about 3-d printing, creating your own content on youtube. no longer are the world's influencers telling us how to think and live. >> it reminds me of the media theorist who said the medium is the message. you used to get your information in a newspaper. now it is being delivered to you by these new platforms that companies like apple and google
that it was president clinton who 20 years ago called for the elimination of antipersonnel mines. two years later, in 1996, back in the last century, he said -- quote -- "today i'm launching an international effort to ban antipersonnel land mines." but that administration did not sign the treaty. then we had the bush administration. they did nothing on the issue. they did not sign the treaty. now we have the obama administration. nothing has changed. the obama administration is following the bush administration's policy of doing nothing on the treaty. so we're still waiting. i was thinking of this this weekend because last week i was in vietnam along with senator shelby and crapo and representatives cooper from tennessee and well -- welch from vermont. we had conversations with president sang, the minister of defense and other officials. we met with organizations, those who worked to locate and clear land mines. it is costly. it is dangerous work. they have been doing it for decades. until you visit the sites where they do this, you can't fully understand because it is slow, hard, dangerous work.
john kerry and hillary clinton may realize that and that's why you get the solution about the iewn terry state, israel continuing to control the west bank. that isn't going happen either. is rule doesn't want control over hot palestinians. if you are gripped by the theology like kerry is, you can't break away from it. bill: ed cantor and ted cruz had a strong reaction. he wants kerry to resign. > >> these comments were extraordinarily troubling and the fact that secretary kerry delivered them on the eve of holocaust day makes them even more acceptablable. you have to understand them in the four years of the obama administration embodying the most hostile relationship the united states has had with israel in modern times. >> i don't think there is any question the obama administration has had the relationship, the most hostile relationship with israel than any american presidency since the state of israel was created. i think it's reflected in comments kerry and obama made over the past several weeks in particular blaming the breakdown of the negotiations on both sides. bill: you do
and clinton said at the last defense imports could be replaced. the unique things that are produced by only one or two enterprises but we can do them anyway the question is only of time and money. it'll be a little expensive. among those added to the list with the sometimes and asset freezes his ego section head of state energy giant drops now the world's largest publicly traded oil company others included the deputy prime ministers in the chico zach and one of clinton's closest presidential advisors putin said last thursday the effect of sanctions was of no critical to these lengthy sections of focused mostly on individuals and companies rather than one dissenters of the economy but that option is now being seriously good but washington and brussels some trade representatives could do with that too aggressive and approach might push russia st east was trying to pointing out how attractive the regional red's to russia. yet the vocalist is currently forty percent the world's population and fifty six percent of global gdp. about forty five percent of the world trade. that is what asia pacific
in the lower 48 states by the early 1900s. bruce babbitt was president clinton's secretary of the interior. he was instrumental in returning wolves to yellowstone. [bruce babbitt] it was a statement that says, there's room for grazing on the western landscape, but ranchers do not have a right to cleanse the landscape of all other forms of wildlife that, in any way, interfere with cattle and sheep. [narrator] martin davis runs a ranch near the banks of the yellowstone river. the ranch has been in his family for 45 years. the land is worth significant money; probably far more than can ever be made from ranching. it's a life he is reluctant to give up. [martin davis] the decision is being made elsewhere, be it east coast-washington, or wherever, and it's just like the gators down in florida. i know nothing about gators, why should i tell floridians what to do with their gators, and it's the same thing here. why should someone out of our neck of the woods be telling us what we do with our country here? [narrator] for some, the return of wolves symbolized wilderness and an animal that rightly belon
appointees. you rule out merkel or clinton. >> you rule out, obviously, people who changed the world. steve jobs. i let that out of the bag. >> you think he'll be on the list. >> yes. >> there's no way i wouldn't put bill -- why are they we'll find minutes from now. >> 10. >> the producers think it's inside information. they're yelling. can you make money? are there futures on this? >> they are yelling us because it's time for commercial. thank you. see you again in a moment. >> a name also synonymous with luxury, good charm along with the first 25, we had the first on cnbc with the ceo of forest labs. the company joining the battle. yesterday it's making a deal before itself is acquired for tax reasons for $25 billion. brett saunders will join us 7:30 eastern. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 turn inspiration into action. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 we have intuitive pla
and thirteen he was pardoned and freed by president clinton. news of the new one. the shoe separatists cleaning of the t3 ukrainian intelligence officers in the eastern city of relief that three men were shown blindfolded and without pants on russian state television. ukrainian security services confirmed that three ukrainian officers that were captured on saturday and at the prosecutor's office had opened an investigation into their abduction separatists claim the officers were attending militia leaders in the region. ukraine's intelligence services have been tracking a mysterious man with a pencil moustache they say is russia's chief agent or pocket or tax with string of armed revolt in ukraine. i bought one. a special ceremony has been held at the chernobyl memorial in kyiv to mark the twentieth anniversary of the world's worst dictators else the ferries to get trees attended including anti christian colleagues only to chino and she often direct ukrainian and stokes church the speckled tensions with russia. they show a credible or tomorrow. it still took this yet. i have no talent we will w
advisor to president clinton and a strategy on capitol hill. long time gay right's advocate who has served on the boards of several leading gay rights organization. today he sat on a milken mannel on disversety in business. you have a long resume, but it means that you are a guy with a lot of experience in institutionalized racism. we do not know if this was sterling on that audio recording. we do know lots of people say sterling has a replication of being a big got and racist. >> and it sounds like him. >> which i think is a little odd being the owner of an nba team, since there are a lot of african-americans involved in, and are fans of the nba. how should businesses deal with outrageous things like this? >> it's a big challenge. business leaders said that we have to speak out very fast and aggressively when something like this happens, and the league needs to send an message. this guy is not an employ he's the owner. so it's a little more difficult. but the league can take swift action. they are bar him from games and say this kind of conduct is not acceptable for a league owner. and it
on u.s. policy in the region. he served under secretary of state clinton as deputy assistant secretary of state, where she was central to organizing the u.s. government's response to the arab spring's. she is the author of -- and editor of "how israelis and palestinians negotiate, a cross troll analysis of the peace process." robert is the director of -- at the washington institute. an expert on arab and islamic apologists as well as u.s. middle east policy, he has written and spoken widely on the arab israeli peace process, and the need to revamp u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. he is the author and editor of numerous books, including the battle of ideas on the war on terror. elliott abrams, senior federal for middle eastern studies -- senior fellow for middle eastern studies. he held several important positions, including deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser where he supervised u.s. policy in the middle east. he was also an assistant secretary of state in the reagan administration and was the author of four books, including undue process, se
. remember with bill clinton, it's a private matter let's not talk about people's sexual preferences. why is this on full display? contraception. our sex lives is front and center. they are going after every aspect of your life. it's a total progressivism. a front of the first amendment. this is what they stand for and they reveal the worst side of themselves. >> he was orphaned when he was 13. his dad left his mom two weeks before she died. he went to georgetown. he passes on a bipartisan basis pension reform and then he decides to dedicate his life for public service and run for office. what i ask is what sort of quality are they fighting for if not the kind of success that he achieved? >> they certainly should be, this is a rogue group of liberal democratsr democrats who have no right to do. how about the right? >> i'm not going to try to turn into this something about the right. >> i'm asking you specifically are there any conservative groups in that district who have attacked him one way or another? >> yes, and i point that out. that it hasn't been universal, however what he does say
in another state, chelsea clinton is doing an event and tells people that she is pregnant. and then people are buzzing, what does this mean for 2016? probably nothing, but it means that people are already looking ahead. that is a problem exercising power abroad. it is a challenge that he needs to look at ahead. guest: it is a challenge being named a lame duck, so early in the second term, but the truth is he has not been able to get much done in congress. if power shifts to republicans in the senate, he does not have that one chamber to wooster his priorities, so it will be very interesting, as we said before, to see how the white house works y completelyiall control republican congress. i read earlier that he may start to worry too much and give away the store, the issues that they care about. hard to predict at this point, but definitely tricky for the white house, in that they still have two and a half years of governing and they are not able to get much of his agenda done. guest: and the republicans know this. if you have watched the nba playoffs, the team that is ahead and takes the b
country doesn't care. it goes back to the first bush, then clinton, then the second bush, and now obama. remember dana priest from 2007 exposed walter reed and that washington post and everybody in shock about that? she exposed so much of the environment they were in with roaches and rats everywhere and the conditions and how they were being treated, our vets. >> i've been to walter reed. walter reed was amazing to me in terms of the level or rehabilitation they would be able to provide these guys. >> this has been going on for years. >> the abuse. >> the abuse, the negligence, the lack of any kind of real care. i mean, we know vets where they go in for care and months later they are treated. they have to constantly be on them to get their basic care. >> listen, i mean no disrespect, these are our heros that put everything on the line for us. most people treat their dogs and cats better than we're treating -- >> i know. >> they have better health care, dogs and cats. >> they do. >> what happened here is not about ocbama or bush but coming up with a mandate, we guarantee that you'll be s
of the savon center for mideast policy at the brookings institution served under secretary of state clinton as deputy assistant secretary of state for near east where she was central to organizing the u.s. government's response to the arab spring. freedom isauthor of on the march, and editor of how palestinians -- and palestinians negotiate very robert sattler is executive director of the washington holds theand also howard p burke or chair in u.s.-middle east policy. an expert on arab and islamic politics as well as u.s. middle has policy, dr. sattler written and spoken widely on the , and the needeace to revamp u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. he is the author and editor of numerous books and monographs, including the battle of ideas in the war on terror, essays on u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. fellow abrams, senior for middle eastern studies served in the george w. bush white house in several important deputyns, including national security advisor. he supervised u.s. policy in the middle east. he was also an assistant secretary of state in the reagan administration a
to fill as he followed secretary clinton into the role as secretary of state. he's worked hard and has done a pretty decent job. presidential candidates running in this country, they don't put israel and apartheid in the same sentence. so you remember the old headline on this story? the headline said kerry warns israel could become an apartheid state. my headline, kerry closes the door on 2016. a multinational search effort spanning more than 50 days so how is it possible we don't know more about that missing plane? and just how far does the long arm of the law reach? perhaps into your pocket and on the your cell phone. that's why i got a new windows 2 in 1. it has exactly what i need for half of what i thought i'd pay. and i don't need to be online for it to work. it runs office, so i can do schedules and budgets and even menu changes. but it's fun, too -- with touch, and tons of great apps for stuff like music, 'cause a good playlist is good for business. i need the boss's signature for this. i'm the boss. ♪ honestly ♪ i wanna see you be brave (music) defiance is in our bones. de
these settlement. according to the clinton parameters of 2000 or the understandings of 2008, they are certainly not contributing and there is certainly an issue the palestinians feel strongly about. but on their merits, the settlement issue is not what is prohibiting or inhibiting an agreement: it's the idea of a pal stainian state. it's jerusalem, not just the settlement. >> always good to see you. thank you for dropping by. >>> a new threat from washington to moscow. the u.s. is hitting russia with more sanctions after involvement in the crisis. the situation on the ground there is growing increasingly violent. in the eastern city of donetsk, pro-russian activists broke up a rally in support of ukraine's government. they beat some demonstrators with baseball bats. several people were injured. earlier today, the mayor of ukraine's second largest city was shot in the back and severely wounded. the latest sanctions target seven officials and 17 companies close to president putin. president obama says the measures are meant to change the kremlin's calculus on ukraine. mike viqueira tells us more
as secretary of the department of agriculture in the clinton administration and 18 years in congress, but most importantly he was the former director of the institute of policy. he had my job. golden served as director of the office of management and budget. andy card also was chief of staff in bw bush administration -- in the george w. bush administration including the beginning of 9/11. senate majority leader trent lott is the cochair on the committee for political reform. he was a senator for many terms from the state of mississippi. -- jovernor johnson a new hn sununu. staff for president clinton was supposed to be here but he is ill and cannot join us. he full bios are in your program. you can google them and see this. we want to invite everyone online to join in this conversation. if you are physically here, we have a card where you can write a question and there will be people going around in the audience and will grab a question. we'll hopefully get to one or two coup of those. we will certainly get to one. you can also send an e-mail or tweet. the twitter handle is @bpc_bipartisan. eu
," by the way. the europeans are weak knees when it is tough. the u.s. had to do something, bill clinton had to do something. when push comes to shove, they will not do anything, so we have to do it. why do we have to bear the pain because of it. >> it has gotten cool in russia to find your name on the list. it is meaning you are wealthy and you are in. this is nothing. i agree. but what can you really do? >> a lot of money is leaving that area. neil: so you are hoping this continues. >> there market was up today after the announcement. >> there is no room for squishy feelings. quite frankly -- neil: making maggie thatcher look good. can you imagine her as president of the united states. double parked, you are executed. i am thinking ebenezer scrooge, but that is just me. toyota telling the workers i hope you like texas, i hope you like heat, i hope you like big bugs, but obviously latest company announcing moving the operations headquarters to texas. here we go. >> we compete for big hair. you have tons of taxes, tons of regulations. why wouldn't you move? you're putting everybody closer to
, clinton. you don't mind if i call you clinton, do you? i feel like i know you so well. on the night of the murders, you made short speeches dull dozer buried the kids in the dam, how does lester tell him. mississippi would be proud of you. you struck below blow for the white man. >> you have a stupid smile, can you see it? good. smile when the bulldozer ran none the black kids' bodies? did you? did you smile when a bodies are covered over? did you? did you smile that same stupid smile? didexdg you? make no mistake about it, deputy, i will cut your [bleep] head clear off and not give a [bleep] thousand reads in the report chief. >> now, that scene epitomizes how most decent people want to confront individual racism. but we can't. we can't. we have to leave it to the authorities. and understand that this country has come a very long way from the days when denying americans opportunity because of their skin color was acceptable in some places. now, racists pay a huge price. for the rest of his life, donald sterling will be a pariah. e. will not be celebrated anywhere or welcomed anywhe
to be washed. and unfortunately under our previous secretary of state, hillary clinton, she gave, in my opinion unwisely, the reset button to the former soviet -- to the former russian government and apparently didn't think that they'd push the button. they did. they pushed the reset button. and they pushed it in a way that has the soviet union looking at the united states and making the calculation that the united states is now a weak power, that we have weakened rselves and therefore now is russia's opportune time to seek to influence and pull back into the fold former soviet block nations. as we've learned from history, .hen a mad man speaks, listen mad men spoke in the form of lenin and stalin and tens of millions of people were enslaved in misery for decades. the same happened under adolf hitler, with a mad man who spoke and he murdered six million jewish people. that's why we have today the holocaust remembrance day. we need to pay attention today to the thugs and rulers that are making their mad statements. they're doing it again. and that's why again, why did the obama administration de
, or democrat hillary clinton. the financial executives consider clinton a familiar face given her time as a new york senator and has relatively not raid views on taxation and vg regulation. a top lawyer told pollitt coe if it turns out to be jed versus hilary, we'd love that: . >> a nightmare for wall street, that's what supporters of paul cruz and warren say they love about their candidates. >>> the new york publishing world are joiging act -- joining activists comparing elizabeth warren and hillary clinton. warren's title is aspirational. hinting at a world where power is shared equally. hillary clinton has a book called "hard choices", convoying a world in which the ideal and conservative clash and progress slow. prague matrix versus idea yolism welcome to the battle for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination. >> in the 2014 midterm election. there are a lot of ads featuring candidates shooting or carrying guns. john stone is running a campaign add that goes a step further. watch. >> my forefather used a canon like this to fight the british in savannah and win us a constitution. as the
governor jed bush, chris christie, or democrat hillary clinton. the financial executives consider hillary clinton a familiar face, and has relatively moderate views on taxation and financial regulation. a top wall street lawyer told "poll it quo. ". : >> a might mare for wall street. supporters say that is why they like the candidates so much. meantime the new york publishing world is joining democratic activists in comparing hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. senator warren promised "a fighting chance", hinting at the world as it might be. clinton's book has the title "hard choices." her title conveys a world in which the ideal clashes and progress can be fright nippingly slow -- frighteningly slow. prague matrix versus ideaism. >> in the 2013 primaries, there's a lot of ads featuring candidates carrying or shootings. john stone is running a campaign ad that goes a step further. watch. gungun. >> my forefather used a canon like this to fight the british and the savannah and win the constitution. i'm willing to do the same as the only licensed dealer. >> in case the british are coming
president clinton. he also represented the late marge schott when baseball forced her out as the owner of the cincinnati reds years ago after she was accused of racism. it will be very interesting to hear how mr. bennett feels this will all come to an end a little bit later. >> that's right. >> let's show you the markets, shall we. >> as we mentioned, the dow is up, bill, 23 points. this is index that still hasn't reclined its high, december 31st the end of last year is when he had the close high. had an intraday high. >> like a team that can't hold the lead. up 100 points on the open, and we see where it is right now. nasdaq, that's the big loser today. momentum stocks to blame. >> once again, the story there hasn't changed, it seems, in the last couple of weeks and the s&p 500 index, off two points to 1861, and we're looking at a more defensive tone to this market as we enter the final hour. >> a lot to talk about with our closing bell exchange. peter, give us some of the hits, runs and the errors here today. >> yes. >> once again the dow is higher on the open and then it fades into
, and ended two marriages, and was hitting president clinton at the time for his own infidelities. why is it, though, because there are so many stories like this, that we continue to get great advice from people that can't seem to take their own advice? >> i think it's just way too easy to become an inspirational icon in america, and newt gingrich is a prime example of that. he kind of put himself out as this moral leader, and he said he was, and everyone believed him. then he just fueled on itself, and there's just example after example from our culture of these people that were not good people. >> so, zach, let's talk about lance armstrong. i was until recently a huge fan. i read his -- >> my condolences. >> i read it's not about the bike. really i got a lot personally out of it. found it really inspirational, really moeshational. you have a quote from him in the book. he says winning is about heart. it's got to be in the right place. which just feels so weird and wrong hearing it come from lance armstrong, but, you know, he did have this sort of dogged determination that people really fou
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